"Everything seems to be exhausting me, no matter how much sleep or how much coffee I drink or how long I lie down, something inside me seems to have given up. My soul is tired."
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Threat To Whose Society?

Something needs to be done.

Nothing can be said anymore.

We, “the people”, need action.

We are voicing our displeasure with these incidents and STILL nothing is being done!

…But what CAN be done?

If we answer with violence, it’ll only bring more violence.

But if we continue to just “say” and not “do”… Then what?

I’m beginning to believe we as black people, we as “people of color” are being hunted…

I heard a comparison being made between today and the history before it.

That this is “a new form of lynching” and again we have no power to stop it.

I see these senseless arrests and legal, yet-at-the-same-time-“accidental” murders and want to mimic the action back to these- dogs of the law…


…I am angry.

But most times, I don’t know what to believe…

Are they doing this on purpose?

Are these incidents misunderstandings?

…What if there are levels to this shit?

A higher evil, if you will.

The ones with the authority?

The ones who “have it made” in life?

The ones who can make people into puppets and have them dance because their money sings?


Even so, we still need to rise up and not only say, “No more,” but act on it as well.

…But again, “easier said than done”, ent?

However the truth may reside, I do believe that within the group of these dogs… there are those who are enjoying this.

There are those who find pleasure in the deaths of others different in class, religion, appearance, you name it!

That because you are different, you have no right to be here… You have no right to live…

…I can say that I truly believe that folks only hate you if they see you as a threat.

But am I really a threat?

Do I scare you that much?

Well maybe to ease your mind, here’s some news for you…

I am NOT a threat.

But anyone could have told you that.

Hell, you knew that yourself!

Yet you insist.

Now here’s my thing…

If the threat were you…

…Then what could I do?

What could I have done…

What could I have done if you barged into my house, without a warrant, slapped my mother, clasped my hands together and handcuffed me without an explanation?

What could I have done if as you pinned me to the floor and I begged for the unexplained, you beat and kicked at my face, or choked me as I desperately reached out for help from no one who could help… or no one who cared?

What could I have done if you decided, in that moment of fear versus hatred, that me as a “threat” could not be detained, …and you disregarded your training and used your gun, waiting for my breath to cease existence?

…What were my rights?

…What could I have done?

What could I have done to save myself?

What could I have done to deserve this ill treatment?

What could possibly terrify you so much that you would want to take my life?


I am not a threat.

Better yet, I am not the threat.

-Tiesha P.A. Adams

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